Over 100 MGOLD Millionaires and Billionaires in 6 Months

(May 07, 2019)

MGOLD has now over 100 MGOLD Millionaires and Billionaires that hold over 10B MGOLD.

Their numbers are counting faster because the price was constantly down by cheap traders for the last 3 months and more people can now afford, specially from developing countries.

The funds generated was only about $1,500 in 3 months with the average price of 0.00000006 Waves from about 10B MGOLD, because of the cheaper price dictated mostly by the cheap traders.

MGOLD needs at least $2,000 a month for the operation, so again the admins and volunteers have spent their own money to continue the operation in 3 months, for the benefit of Humanity.

The price was constantly down by the cheap traders and the demand increases, so the admins reset the price to the lowest and increased total supply to 50B.

This time, the demand increases rapidly and the cheap traders can’t do any garbage trading anymore. More people become an MGOLD Millionaires and Billionaires in just a month.

These MGOLD Millionaires and Billionaires are the catalysts to help enhance humanity. They are just now relaxing and waiting in the near future for the future price to increase to $0.001-$1. Please see the table below:

1B MGOLD x $0.001 Future Price = $1M
500M MGOLD x $0.002 Future Price = $1M
200M MGOLD x $0.005 Future Price = $1M
100M MGOLD x $0.01 Future Price = $1M
50M MGOLD x $0.02 Future Price = $1M
40M MGOLD x $0.025 Future Price = $1M
30M MGOLD x $0.033 Future Price = $1M
20M MGOLD x $0.05 Future Price = $1M
10M MGOLD x $0.10 Future Price = $1M
1M MGOLD x $1 Future Price = $1M

MGOLD will rise from the ashes as what the Global Elite predicted 30 years ago. However, they have created Bitcoin in advance early in 2009 and not in 2018 to counter the prophecy. Unfortunately, their version of the One World Crypto Currency is worthless and very slow.

There will be no price reset again and MGOLD will skyrocket gradually in just a blink of an eye. It will produce at least 1,000 MGOLD Millionaires and Billionaires within a year.

There are less than 5B MGOLD available at reset price so you now have only one chance to become and MGOLD Millionaire or Billionaire, before it will skyrocket again: https://client.wavesplatform.com

MGOLD In 3 Months, Supply and 10% Bonus

(March 02, 2019)

Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) is The First & Only Digital Crypto Currency That will be Backed-up By Gold Bullion For the Benefit of Humanity.

MGOLD has achieved much in 3 months that people are over excited to Hold it in Millions. Almost 100 Million MGOLD gone in over 1 month and over 400 Million MGOLD gone in over 3 months.

About 30 Million were distributed for Airdrops and Bounties and about 400 Million were distributed in Waves DEX Exchange for the average price of 0.0000055 Waves. Total funds generated is only more or less $5k.

However, we are very far from the plan since the funds generated is not enough even for the operational expenses, specially to prospect, acquire mining and mineral quarry sites. The leaders and volunteers have spent their own money for MGOLD operations in over 3 months.

Mining and Mineral Quarry

The cost to acquire rights for the Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) in Maharlika before you can operate a Mining Site is at least $1M. The cost to process license and for initial operating expenses for Small Mineral Quarry Site is at least $100k.

This is no way we can achieve our plan but to leverage the funds generated to acquire even Small Mineral Quarry Sites, so we can generate more funds to acquire more gold bullion. Please refer to the Goldpaper (Whitepaper) for details of the plan.

Top MGOLD Holders

MGOLD is for the Benefit of Humanity but only about 51 individuals who own almost 400 Million of MGOLD, about 76% of the supply. There is no left for others and also for our volunteers. Also, they got MGOLD for very cheap price so there is no future at all, unless we stick to our plan and increase the supply.

It is only a matter of time when the price of MGOLD reaches $0.01-$1, the above Top MGOLD Holders will become Dollar Millionaires and they got it for a very low price. At least, they will be instrumental that somehow, they will give back to their Country and help Humanity.

However, MGOLD is for the Benefit of Humanity and is not just for specific groups or individuals. We are just getting started and there are Millions and even Billion of People that we need to distribute, so they can also benefit and have chance to change their lives.

We have received many emails from Developing Countries like Nigeria, Africa and others that they need to raise small money first, so they can also get some MGOLD. But, the top holders got all the MGOLD available and these unfortunate but deserving individuals, don’t have an opportunity anymore.

MGOLD Total Supply

MGOLD is Bigger than us and nothing can stop it. Considering the the facts and situations above, we stick to the plan and increased MGOLD Total Supply to 10B. Hopefully, we can generate more funds this year so we can also buy back those MGOLD from cheap traders so we can raise the price much higher.

We need to generate at least $100k so we can acquire even a Small Mineral Quarry Site that will generate more funds, so we can acquire more gold bullion for MGOLD. Later, if we generate more funds, we will acquire Mining Site that cost at least $1M and can generate millions of dollars.

MGOLD Future Price

MGOLD immediate future price is $0.01-$1 but its future real potential is $10. That is very conservative compared to Bitcoin’s $4k-$20k price because Bitcoin is very slow and its value is fixed only by the Global Elite.

It is also conservative to Ethereum’s $135-$1,300 price because Ethereum is also slow, has also unlimited supply and valueless. It is also conservative compared to XRP’s $0.30-$3 price because XRP has 100B Total Supply and its value is also fixed by Global Banking Elite.

MGOLD is just over 3 months old. It took almost 3 years for Bitcoin to reach $1 in price and it took over 4 years for XRP to reach $1 in price. MGOLD is not controlled by Global Elite but the power behind it and the sentiments of humanity, it will propel to unprecedented heights very soon.

10% MGOLD Bonus

We will distribute one-time additional 10% Bonus to Top 500 MGOLD Holders because they were the first ones to believe in MGOLD and see the future. So, if you hold 50M MGOLD you will get additional 5M MGOLD, if you hold 30M MGOLD you will get additional 3M MGOLD, if you hold 20M MGOLD you will get additional 2M MGOLD and so on.

The distribution of the bonus will be scheduled by Monday, March 04, 2019. We will send the bonus to your MGOLD/Waves wallet address on file. The price of MGOLD for now is almost the same and very affordable but will rise up anytime soon, so you still have the chance to Get and Hold more MGOLD Today at DEX Exchange before we add up your 10% Bonus by Monday: https://client.wavesplatform.com

You can email directly our support volunteers if you have important inquiry at the contact form in this website. Thank you!