Global Elite Sabotage and New MGOLD Asset Skyrocket to 10,000% in 9 Months

(August 17, 2019)

MGOLD has been sabotaged lately, maybe by a Global Elite agent or someone else.

There was a secret single holder who managed to hold more than 50B or over 50% of all the total supply of MGOLD. The unusual pattern is he knows the limitation of the total supply of MGOLD, so he grabbed over 50% of the total supply and took control of MGOLD.

This is how the Global Elite controls all the industries including humans. If they can’t control you, they will acquire you just like the big companies and puppet politicians. They have created Bitcoin to fulfill their agenda of One-World Currency but they can also control other coins by force take-over or acquisition.

MGOLD is MGOLD and will survive even after World War 3. MGOLD can evolve and take on new platform if needed, they can sabotage the platform but they can’t take away the real value and the power behind it. Bloodwars is coming but the Victor is MGOLD!

Low Price By Cheap Traders and Low Supply

There were also bunch of cheap traders who always lower the price of MGOLD for quick cheap bucks. So, the funds generated for 3 months for 50B MGOLD is only about $4,000 which is not enough for $2,000 a month operation.

Over 50B or over 50% of  the total supply were exhausted by a single holder agent to control MGOLD and there is no way for MGOLD to continue and survive.

So, the admins have created a new MGOLD asset with Total Supply of 500B and a starting price of 0.00000001 BTC or $0.0001, the price increase to 10,000% compared to the previous Maharlikan Gold asset with bunch of cheap traders.

10,000% Price Increase Starting at 0.00000001 BTC or $0.0001

The new MGOLD asset has starting price of 0.00000001 BTC or $0.0001 or 10,000% increase compared to the previous old Maharlikan Gold asset.

So, for the MGOLD Millionaires and Billionaires the wait is almost over. You just continue to relax and wait in the very near future for the future price to increase to $0.001-$1. Please see again the table below:

5B MGOLD x $0.0005 Future Price = $1M
1B MGOLD x $0.001 Future Price = $1M
500M MGOLD x $0.002 Future Price = $1M

200M MGOLD x $0.005 Future Price = $1M
100M MGOLD x $0.01 Future Price = $1M
50M MGOLD x $0.02 Future Price = $1M
40M MGOLD x $0.025 Future Price = $1M
30M MGOLD x $0.033 Future Price = $1M
20M MGOLD x $0.05 Future Price = $1M
10M MGOLD x $0.10 Future Price = $1M
1M MGOLD x $1 Future Price = $1M

Maharlikan Gold Asset Exchange For New MGOLD Asset

This is a very simple process. Just exchange your old Maharlikan Gold coins to new MGOLD coins by sending your Maharlikan Gold coins to the admins MGOLD/Waves Wallet Address below.

Note: Only Maharlikan Gold coins acquired on or before August 17, 2019.

If you send any amount of Maharlikan Gold, the volunteer managers will send you also the same number of new MGOLD coins and you don’t have to do anything. If you send 1M Maharlikan Gold you will also receive new 1M MGOLD, if you send 1B Maharlikan Gold you will also receive new 1B MGOLD and so on.

Just send all your old Maharlikan Gold coins, not later than August 31, 2019 to this admins MGOLD/Waves Wallet Address: 3PJuG4QQ7LkLGw8KfS5awdBvsJfoJftS428

Then, just wait within 24 hours and you will also receive the same number of new MGOLD coins automatically, with much higher value and price starting at 0.00000001 BTC or $0.0001 .

Warning: Cheap Traders are not welcome to exchange their old Marharlikan Gold to new MGOLD coins because they will ruin the new starting higher price.

You can get now more new MGOLD with BTC pair at DEX Exchange while it is still less than $0.001-$1 by clicking here: