Why MGOLD is the Future?

Fastest and Fully-Decentralized Digital Crypto Money, not controlled by Big Cartel Banks.

Backed-up with 100 Million Grams of Gold Starting in 2019-2022, from Real Gold Mines and Maharlikan Gold.

Real Future Value Much Bigger than Bitcoin, other Crypto Currencies or any Fiat Money.

About Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD)

Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) The First and Only Digital Crypto Currency that will be Backed-up by Gold Bullion for the Benefit of Humanity.

One World Currency is taking over but not the Fiat or Paper Money. It could be XRP but it is still just a digital currency, represented by 0s and 1s.

Money is just an instrument of value. The real value is the Gold Standard and the future is Digital Crypto Currency.

Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) is the Future of Gold Standard Digital Crypto Money.

Why Maharlikan Gold?

The Richest Country in the World in terms of Gold and Natural Resources is Maharlika.

In the late 1500s, Maharlika was known as the Philippines, derived from the name of King Philip II of Spain. Maharlika is not Philippines but Maharlika.

Maharlika Archipelago is located in the Far East and composed of Thousands of Islands with over 100 Billion Metric Tons of Reserved Gold and Natural Resources. It is really flowing with Milk and Honey, in practical sense.

Our Ancestors had learned to mine and made ancient precious jewelries from the Richness of Maharlika’s natural gold resources. Gold was traded and used as currency in Maharlika, way back before 1500s.

This is why one of the main reasons Maharlika was invaded by Spain, Japan and US for about 400 years. It will be invaded again until One of the Maharlikan Leaders, will bring Glory to Maharlika and other Countries.

Lots of our Ancestors’ ancient gold and precious jewelries were ransacked but most of them were keep hidden in ancient caves and shallow rivers of Maharlika. Not to mention the infamous Yamashita’s gold bars, which were also keep hidden in underground tunnels, caves and Japanese Imperial bunker sites.

Goldpaper (Whitepaper)

Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) is a Fully-Decentralized and Fastest (Takes less than 5 seconds) Crypto Currency that can be used as Digital Money by any Country, Merchant or Individual and is the First and Only Digital Money that will be backed-up by Gold Bullion.

Gold Bullion Deposit

10%-30% of Gold Bullion will be securely deposited and insured at Zurich and London with Loomis International, Malca-Amit and Brink bullion vault operators and LBMA security transport companies.

70%-90% of Gold Bullion will be securely deposited and insured in secret location at Maharlika in the near future, when the Country will be much stable in political and economic conditions.

Gold Bullion Acquisition

Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) will be backed-up with 100,000,000 grams of Gold Bullion starting in 2019-2022, but that would be impossible with just selling and trading coins or tokens. We will use the Power of Leverage and Humanity to secure and acquire more Gold Bullion on the process.

Here is the Leverage Plan for the funds:

– 10% Operating, Legal and Prospecting
– 5% Research, Development and Protection
– 10% Reserved for Global or Local Crisis
– 50% Acquire Quarries, Mines and Mining Equities
– 25% Acquire Physical Gold Bullion

Operating, Legal and Prospecting

10% will be used in all operations, securing legal documents, permits and legal services. It will be used also for prospecting potential mineral quarry sites, mineral mining sites and profitable mining companies.

Research, Development and Protection

5% will be used to improve more the underlying technology and platform of Maharlikan GOLD (MGOLD). It will be used also for research, development and protection of profitable mineral quarry and mining sites.

Reserved for Global or Local Crisis

10% reserved for global or local crises such as possible massive war, terrorism or calamities. Reserve also with possible future opportunities for the benefit of humanity.

Acquire Quarries, Mines and Mining Equities

50% will be used to acquire mineral quarry sites, mineral mining sites, mining equities and for their development and operations. This will be the biggest leverage that can generate more funds to acquire more gold bullion for the benefit of humanity.

Acquire Physical Gold Bullion

25% will be used to acquire physical gold bullion that will be deposited, secured and insured at Zurich, London and later on at Maharlika, when more funds are generated with mineral quarry and mining sites.

For The Benefit of Humanity

BRICKS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) will be implementing a new currency that will be backed-up by gold standard. That would spark Word War 3 and there will be millions in casualty.

However, the Global Elite is one-step ahead to dump their Paper Money with a new One World Digital Currency, which is also not backed-up by gold standard. That would make BRICKS one-step behind in their plans and make humanity slave again with worthless digital money.

Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) is for the benefit of all humanity to bring back the gold standard money to the future, but in a smaller scale. The global economy is in trillions of dollars worth of gold bullion. It is for the humanity to decide and start now or if they want to be slaved for the rest of their lives.

Humanity Team

Maharlikan & Tsar Leaders (Anonymous Like Satoshi Nakamoto)

Maharlikan & Tsar Leaders (Anonymous Like Satoshi Nakamoto)

MGOLD Holders (Millions Like You)

MGOLD Holders (Millions Like You)

All Humanity (All The People)

All Humanity (All The People)

Get Up To 100 Million MGOLD Now While It Is Less Than $0.01-$1!

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